About Geometric Art

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This portfolio showcases a selection of visually striking two-dimensional vector graphic art from an English commercial graphic designer and digital artist who excels in creating geometric vector and multi-color configurations transforming polygon and curvilinear forms into stunning balanced, hard-edged abstract art.

Geometric art uses basic geometric shapes and lines. Rectangles are the original ideal shape because their lines are straight without being ambiguous. In modern geometric abstract art, circles/ovals, quadrilaterals, triangles, and amorphous shapes are created from smooth or sharp lines. The shape is linked to color and linearity in geometric abstract art. In this art form, linearity is the primary element of contrast, while color is the secondary element. Therefore, the colors of the shapes are distinct and are frequently delineated by bold colors.

The consistent appearance of vector artwork, at whatever size it's displayed, means it can be scaled infinitely without loss of quality. Make any wall space in your home or office innovative and unique by adding a modern, contemporary geometric art piece to your room. Please note that no paint was wasted in the making of these digital artworks!

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